Top 5 Reasons To Get An Open MRI

Facing an MRI machine can be intimidating and stressful, especially when combined with the medical reason for needing the procedure. At UDI, we have invested in Open MRI and Wide Bore MRI technology to help our patients through this critical time, and make the journey to diagnosis and recovery a little more comfortable.

The most obvious reason is claustrophobia. You don’t have to be clinically diagnosed with claustrophobia to feel affected by it when faced with a traditional closed MRI. With procedures sometimes lasting up to an hour, it can be daunting to face an enclosed tube. An Open MRI is completely open, and even allows for a loved one to sit by and hold your hand throughout the procedure.

For patients with decreased mobility or injury tend to have a much smoother and easier transfer into an Open MRI machine. The open design allows for more leeway with patient positioning, often allowing body parts to be scanned without causing discomfort to the patient.

An MRI can be a scary time for pediatric patients, and an Open MRI makes the procedure more comfortable and less traumatic for a sick or injured child. A parent is able to be next to them the whole time, or even holding them if necessary. Pillows and comfort objects (without metal) can also accompany a child, helping them to remain calm and still during the scan.

For patients with anxiety disorders or sensory processing issues, an Open MRI takes one more thing off their minds. The open structure has proven to be more calming and comfortable for all patients, and the machine is quieter than the traditional model. Noise-canceling headphones are available to further decrease discomfort and anxiety.

Patients with broad shoulders or a high BMI may find traditional MRIs may not be wide enough to accommodate their frame or may increase discomfort and feelings of claustrophobia. The open design of the Open MRI allows plenty of room for comfortable positioning, including the use of pillows or bolsters to keep you in place during the scan. We also have a high field wide-bore machine to accommodate our larger patients.

All this means that Open MRIs often come back with clearer pictures the first time as patients are calmer and less likely to move during the procedure. More accuracy means less likelihood of repeat scans, so why wouldn’t you opt for an Open MRI at UDI?